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10 Inspirational Quotes by African Women Leaders

As we celebrate international women’s day lets look at some memorable quotes by strong African leaders who inspire us and  continue to set the bar higher for women everywhere.

1.“The seed of success on any nation on earth are best planted in women and children”-former president of Malawi Joyce Banda

2.”If your dreams don not scare you they are not big enough”-Current president of Liberia and former Nobel price winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

3.”It’s the little things citizens do, that is what will make a difference”-Wangara Maathai Kenyan activist and first African woman to win Nobel price.

4.”It’s time for  a sustainable development agenda”-Amina Mohammed current Deputy Secretary General  of UN, former Nigerian minister of environment

5.”It is no countries destiny to be poor”-Luisa Diogo First Female Prime Minister of Mozambique

6.”Men have singled out women of outstanding merit and put them on a pedestal to avoid recognising the capabilities of all women”

Huda Sha’arawi Activist and Founder of first Egyptian women philanthropic society for women.

7.”I believe that when you find problems you should also find solutions”-Ngozi Okonjo Iweala former Nigerian finance minister current member of the international advisory panel of Asian Infrastructure Investment bank (AIIB)

8.”My femininity and maternal feelings means I can tackle certain problems with lots of realism and sensitivity. I know there are many difficulties problems ahead of me but I truly believe we will succeed”-Catherine Samba-Panza former president of the Central African Republic.

9.”A lot of us bring up our little boys as princes and our little girls as Cinderella’s who must wait on the princes. Then we realise something is wrong ,they should be equal”. Nkosazana Dlamin-Zuma Chairperson of African Union Commission.

10.”Africa is no longer the colony of any country and must be respected and treated as such”-Dr.Isatou Nije Saidy former Vice president of Gambia


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