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Bauchi Hospital Allegedly Admits Patients with Their Own Generators

The present economic landscape is not favourable to the average Nigerian.

Increased electricity tariff, low generation and distribution of power, staggering increase in the general prices of goods and services, increased fuel price and scarcity, expensive healthcare- if you get any with the incessant doctors’ strike; these are some of the many ills to combat as we carry on the business of everyday living.

Imagine falling ill where cash is low and even harder to come by; surely a hospital should give you treatment at your time of need?


A certain hospital exists in Bauchi where patients actually bring their own generators to the hospital! Shocking? Yes, but very true.

A twitter user who operates the handle @iaMdaRkpRiNcE recounted his firsthand experience at the said clinic known as Albishir Clinic. where he witnessed patients on admission having to bring in their generating sets in order to power the clinic.

He relayed this experience in a series of tweets captured below.

Recall that sometime in March, power generation dropped to 0 megawatts for 3 hours, a never-experienced scenario in Nigeria and the promise for better has not yielded much fruit.

We can only hope for sweet relief; and very soon too, for the ordinary citizen who is just trying to survive.


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