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Body Odours You Should Never Ignore

Every woman has had an off day in the odor department. Thankfully, a little extra perfume in your purse or an emergency stick of deodorant can keep even a skipped shower a secret. And if things are really rough, we all know how magical a few baby wipes or those emergency spare garments you keep at the bottom of your bag can be.

But some body odors, even if you catch them by accident, should never be ignored as easily as they’re covered up. These smells could be a sign that something is wrong. And although it might take a skipped shower to sniff them out, don’t just take another one and forget about them. These odors might mean it’s time to see a doctor.

When your sweat smells worst than usual

It’s never great, but sweat that smells noticeably more pungent over a period of time? It could be a sign that you’re having food allergies or digestion issues.

When your morning breath gets you out of bed

No one’s breath smells great in the morning. But if you’ve hurried to get out of bed and brush when your significant other is over because you have a feeling (and can taste) that it’s really bad, it might be time to see a dentist. Very bad morning breath could be a sign of an infection that could be serious. If you’ve skipped a few dentists appointments for your teeth, this could be a cue to catch up on them sooner than later.

When your breath smells like fruit

Not all warning smells are sour. Breath that smells sweet or even like citrus could be a symptom of diabetes.

When your urine smells

When you’re healthy and well hydrated, urine is odorless (or at least nowhere near strong). If you notice a strong odor (and you haven’t eaten any foods known to change its smelll), it could be one of the first signs of a urinary tract infection.

When You smell sour

If you smell something slightly acidic or kind of like vinegar and a little bit musty down there, it could be a sign of an infection like bacterial vaginosis. It’s not an STD, but it is an infection that can get worse and should always be treated.

When your body smells like fish

It’s not just a sign that you might need a shower. A fishy smell can be a sign of a yeast infection or STD like chlamydia. This odor almost always needs to be treated ASAP, so it’s time to head to your doctor.

When you smell sweet

If someone has commented that you smell sweet or like fruit when they’re doing their business down there, it might be time to see a doctor. A sweet-smelling vaginal odor is another sign that you might be dealing with diabetes.

When you smell…terrible

If you’ve been using tampons or items during sex that could get stuck (like food or other edible items), it could be a sign that something has been left behind and needs to be removed by your gynecologist. Otherwise, that tampon or whatever is stuck could give you an infection that could do some real damage.

When you have bad breath you can’t fix

We all have an off day. But if you’re constantly popping mints or swishing with Scope mouthwash because it feels like your breath is always off, you could have a sinus infection or other problem that could be sorted out by a dentist.

When you’d rather not take off your shoes

Been hitting the gym regularly? Very stinky feet could be a sign that you have athlete’s foot. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to treat.

When your gas smells more unpleasant than usual

If you also have stomach pain and changes in your bathroom habits, it could be a sign that you have a bleeding ulcer. Or, you might have an infection like giardia. Either way, if it’s bad enough for long enough to make you uncomfortable, that means it’s time to make an appointment.

When your breath that smells like fish

If you haven’t been eating fish, but your breath smells like it, it could be a sign that there is a problem with your liver.


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