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Castor oil is the new coconut oil

Coconut oil has recently been touted as the solution to all your problems. Now meet its less glamorous but no less effective sister: castor oil

The humble coconut has never been as famous as it currently is. Coconut oil has been praised as the elixir of youth, the banisher of problem skin and the master of weight loss. However, the cost of organic coconut oil makes the price difficult for some to swallow and, given these tough economic times, finding something cheaper might be worth it.

The good news is that there is another cheaper option. It is castor oil.

You probably have nightmares about being forced to take a spoonful of the thick mixture as a child to deal with constipation, hence the idea of ever using castor oil again sends your tummy into a tizz. But there is good news: castor oil is the new ‘miracle’ oil.

Oils are not a very new trend in beauty. In 2015, the NDP Group, a global information company, said that oil along with clay were the two skincare textures experiencing the greatest growth within the U.S. prestige beauty industry. The group said dollar sales of skincare oils had more than tripled over the past five years, while clay/mud sales had more than quadrupled.

This is because people are looking for different skincare regimens that are more natural. The NDP Group said oil and clay were recognised and used regularly by the ancient Egyptians in their beauty regimens.

Castor oil is derived from the seed and has many benefits for hair, skin and even eyebrows and lashes.

Here are a number of ways you can benefit from the wonder that is castor oil: 



While it may seem counter-intuitive to use oil to clean your face, cleansing with castor oil has a number of benefits.

Earlier this year, DESTINY’s Beauty Editor Lauren Nicoll noted the newest trends in cleansing: using oil and micellar cleansers. In her quest to find out more about the trend, Lauren spoke to a number of experts. Art Pellegrino, Vice President at Elizabeth Arden, explained how this form of cleansing works.

“Oil attracts oil to remove dirt and impurities without stripping or drying the skin’s surface, making it a great cleansing option for all skin types, but especially for those with dry skin,”  he said.

After wetting your face, take a little bit of castor oil and mix it with another lighter carrier oil like Jojoba or Virgin Olive oil.

Apply to your face and massage into the skin.

Take a face cloth and wet with warm water. You should then wring out the water and place the cloth over the skin until it cools. Rinse off as much as you can and then wipe off the excess oil.

Growing edges


Life is tough and comes at you pretty fast. If you are a victim of traction alopecia, castor oil can help you mend your edges. The Castor Oil Challenge has been trending in the natural hair space for a while, with some great results. The Health Site says: “Castor oil carries ricinoleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, hence increasing hair growth. It works on nourishing the scalp and strengthening the roots with the help of essential nutrients.”

Massage a little bit of castor oil on your hair line and watch it flourish.

Growing eyebrows:

Shot of an attractive young woman looking at herself in the bathroom mirror

Shot of an attractive young woman looking at herself in the bathroom mirror

Applying a thin layer of castor oil on your eyebrows can also promote growth in that area. In the time of “eyebrows on fleek” and the Cara Delevingnes of the world, a thick eyebrow has become a prized feature. It might take some time to see results, but your brows will grow thicker and more luscious with the use of castor oil on them.


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