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Cruising Single

Cruising Single:The Single Married One

By Fateemah Abubakar and Fatima Zahra Umar   I met Aliyu in the days that the sparks of BBM could light up Kano city. The days when people didn’t bother to ask for phone numbers, just pins, so if you didn’t have one, sorry o! But no one was really feeling anything else. Tall, suave and masculine. Oh Aliyu was ...

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Cruising Single:The Dangerous One

By Fateemah Abubakar & Fatima Zahra Umar One evening, I met a guy called Imran. Handsome Boy with a  beautiful name, until he ruined it for me with his pseudonym ‘dangerous’, which apparently, was more popular than his actual name, then I realised when he started talking that he was utterly drunk, trust me, I zoomed off! (I can’t come ...

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Cruising Single Episode 4: The Good Son

Abdulmalik, the good son was all about being a good son. His ambition in life was to be a good son, only to his mother because he and his father had to resolve their issues first before he could be a good son to him. Abdulmalik was introduced to me by our mutual aunt( you know those aunties that make ...

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Cruising Single Episode 3:The Sweetheart

Fateemah Abubakar Fatima Zahra Umar You can’t tell me of all the women in the world, I’m the only one who’s been with a guy and had to ask myself “babe, how did you get yourself into this?” No. I can’t be convinced I’m alone in this “mind-disrupting” type situation. So here goes my story: You see, it’s not about ...

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Cruising Single Episode 2: The Ghost

By: Fatima Abubakar & Fatima Zahra Umar I met Ibrahim in the heat of the dry season. You know how Abuja gets in March ba? That is how his love for me was at first sight. Hot and blazing. He called me every 20 minutes to find out how my day was going. Every day was an adventure with Ibrahim ...

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