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I Want To Be Like Patrizio Di Marco,The CEO Of Gucci – Hafsah Isah, CEO Seesah Brand

By Toheeb Jaiyeola

Coming at a time when the government is encouraging buy ‘Made in Nigeria’ product, to boost the economy, Hafsa Isah Umar  is already proving her creative prowess in designs, with her Brand Seesah, the Kaduna state based young designer has been able to compliment many people’s outlook.

As a lady who aspires to be at the top with her skills, she has through her shoe designs proved her critics wrong.

In an interview with Jaruma Magazine, Hafsa Isah detailed her background and her evolving brand in the shoe design industry.


















JayMag: Tell us about yourself

Hafsah: My name is  Hafsah Isah Umar, I’m 21 years old,  the first and only female child of my parent, I have 2 very little brothers aged 14 and 11 and my dad’s late, he died September 2013, I study Sociology and Anthropology at Baze university Abuja and I am in my final year.

Jay Mag:What are your hobbies?

Hafsah:I love watching … anything on the screen, lol no matter how boring it is, I watch, I love to cook and travel too. Practically, those are the only hobbies but i do alot of things.

Jay Mag:What Inspired you to start your brand?

Hafsah: Honestly, nothing actually inspired me. I just woke up one day and decided to build up my own empire, since before I started the Brand Seesah, I did alot of things.

Jay Mag:Whats different out your brand?

Hafsah: My designs have one thing ‘Comfort’ you’ll get all the desired designs in a very comfortable way. One of my customers said ‘he thinks the shoes does the working for him’ that’s how comfortable they are.

JayMag:How have you been dealing with the business so far?

Hafsah: I am a young lady who wants to be independent. To be independent these days one has to go through a lot especially for people like us. We chose to be business people remember the saying that says ‘customers are always right’ well, lots of people tend to use that as an advantage but I have learnt to manage my clients well because I am a very tolerant and patient person, so even if a client is unbearable or is acting up, I have learnt how to look away and always apologize, even when I’m right and the customer is wrong.

Jay Mag:What do you want to achieve?

Hafsah: I want to be like Patrizio Di Marco the CEO of Gucci, see how the products are in every household in the entire world?! That’s my goal, that’s my dream that’s what I want to achieve.

Jay Mag:Where are you located?

Hafsah? I own a workshop that’s located in Kaduna, all my products are being made and produced there, customers make an order through me, I call the workshop and it gets delivered to every single one of them. It doesn’t affect my school work at all.

Jay Mag:If you had a chance to change something in this country,what would you change?

Hafsah: I would make unemployment scarce in Nigeria. I hope one day I would be able to achieve that because what I see these days is heartbreaking.

Jay Mag:What advice would you give other young people aspiring to be entrepreneurs?

Hafsah: My advice to young entrepreneur would be to chase your dreams , nothing is too small to start,I might be nobody today and be somebody tomorrow. Everyone started from somewhere,so be who you want to be and don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.

Jay Mag:What are your future plans for Seesah?

Hafsah: A lot of plans for Seesah one of them includes a range of perfumes.. y’all just watch the space.







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