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Lauratu Mukhtar and her startling art of Make-up

By Alkasim Abdulqadir

On a regular day Lauratu Mukhtar is playful and easy going, always looking like the archetypal young woman without a worry in the world, but, when it comes to her work and art, she undergoes a radical evolution to attend to her clients and also concentrate on their faces to transform them into delectable beauties to behold. In this report Jaruma Magazine profiles the artiste and her make-up art.

 Unveiling the #iLauraStudio

It is early evening the crème of Abuja’s fashion industry are gathered to celebrate the opening and the beginning of the franchise of the ilaura studio, there are photographers, make-up artistes, lots of friends who have supported the brand over the years and also family members. The dominant colours of the evening are green and black and most guests appear resplendent in them. There is the green carpet and backdrop for the photo-ops with lots to eat and drink. For the CEO of the iLaura studio the entire evening is not only the culmination of a dream, but of hard work, evolving art and an undying passion.

Make up is an art


She has traveled across the length and breadth of Nigeria making the faces of beautiful brides up, ensuring that such a day becomes their most memorable part and that indeed they look the part on such a special day. In later years if the brides are to look at the pictures of that event, there is hardly a doubt that they won’t remember the person who made them up in such dazzling manner; such is the power of Laura’s make up brushes, skills and art.

Saturday’s are sacred


For an art that started on an easy-go-easy-come basis, this has turned into more than vocation but a full time occupation. In Nigeria, Fridays and Sundays are for religious worship; however Saturdays are strictly reserved for  weddings, it is on such days that the CEO of Ilaura make overs is mostly busy. There’s hardly a Saturday that she’s free, she’s in one state capital or the other bequeathing the art of her hands upon the faces of her trending brides.

How it started

Make up artistory in Nigeria has gone beyond the deft hands of Banke Meshida-Lawal and her BM Pro or beyond the ever expanding entrepreneurial horizon of Tara Fela Durotoye and her House of Tara, today there are entrepreneurial women and men across the length and breadth of Nigeria offering the chance for a glamorous look. In Northern Nigeria, this art has also caught the attention of young women and the latter have created an entire industry under the fashion and creative sectors.

On the advice of a friend who encouraged her to go into the make-up business, she took the advice and learnt diligently with toddler steps and tenacity Laura Mukhtar started work by purchasing the odd eye liner, lip gloss, the foundations, powder and other wide range of professional tools to fill up her make up box. Today as they say –the rest is history.

The looks




A collage of her work reveals tons of the special look, the proverbial glam look, from the well sculptured contours of brides, to the dash of well accentuated foundation to give a semi casual look for an evening drive round town. There are also the special “face beats” for graduations, law dinners, birthdays and anniversaries. It’s the age of photo shoots; these are no longer the preserve of celebrities or family albums –to prepare for a memorable photo shoot the shading and highlighting has to be right.

iLaura’s Style



The tail of elegance is fast becoming the iconic feature of iLaura Studio; it is a unique added blend of flourish added to the styling of the eyebrow, thereby giving it a dashing look. A makeover by Laura Mukhtar is totally incomplete without her trade mark tail of elegance.

 The Makeover Mentor

The iLaura Studio is designed to educate its students on creating full makeup looks, enhancing natural beauty for glamorous looks for events and other memorable days.

At iLaura, you are taught to explore the latest and most sought after trends in makeup. The basic foundation matching, fundamentals in face and eye shape, creative color techniques, understanding the proper use of make-up tools and sanitation, learning the fundamentals every aspiring artiste needs. Starts up kits are provided to students who register for the classes.

 Future Plans

Already she refers to herself as a fulfilled makeup artiste, when she started out she never knew that she would be this successful or accepted beyond friends and family. Today, she takes it more than just a vocation to earn an income from. She takes it as a means to mentor other younger women who are looking for an inroad into the fashion industry –especially the makeup line. Most importantly she sees it as her own art.

Amongst her several plans for the future is establishing her own line of beauty products, her eye lashes will be hitting the market in the short term while in the long term she plans a franchise of studios in other major cities of Nigeria.



Alkasim Abdulkadir has worked as a Producer for the BBC; he contributes to Aljazeera as a news analyst. Currently he works as a Communications Specialist in Abuja. When he is not working, he is traveling. He is @alkayy on Twitter 





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