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Meet The Mother Who “Rescues”Used Dolls And Gives Them A “Make-Under” To Make Them Look More Realistic

By Bara’atu Nasidi

The world we live in creates strange, often unrealistic ideals of beauty, and the worst is that these ideals reach our children, often disrupting their self-esteem or their outlook on life.This is why Sonia Singh, an artist and a mother from Tasmania, came up with fantastic initiative called Tree Change Dolls.

Tree Change Dolls a way the artist intends to change the perception of beauty in children’s minds and their environment.The dolls are “rescued” and “rehabilitated” from op-shops and tip shops around Tasmania. Then the dolls under go a “make-under” by swapping their high-maintenance, high-fashion habits for down-to-earth style. Sonia washes away the old matured makeup and hand repaints the dolls faces with more realistic natural looks, molds new feet or shoes, and her mum sews and knits their clothing.


This gives the dolls more natural, childish look because she does not paint lips or make them wear eye shadow at all.Giving them amazing transformations from over made-up and over sexualised to a wholesome girl next door look.

























“I grew up playing with second-hand toys and many of my daughters were too. I thought I could up cycle the dolls and turn them from discarded plastic waste to a unique toy children might like to play with in the same way I had played with dolls in the outdoors and had great adventures as a child.” Sonia explains

“I decided to restyle the faces of the dolls by removing the factory paint from the dolls and repainting them by giving them “make-unders” and a more down to earth style.”

Sonia’s skills ,fresh perspective and love for recycling has blossomed into a small creative business that has been accepted all over Australia and the world at large.Her dream is to be able to collaborate with creative people to get children intrested in recycling and re-using and most of all to change little girls  perspective of beauty .

We applaud this initiative Sonia,we pray this becomes a wake-up call for mothers to try as much as possible to dilute their little girl’s innocence because of the unrealistic standard of beauty now a days. Let’s leave little girls be little,don’t be in a hurry to make them grow up ,let them enjoy their age just the way we enjoyed ours.

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