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By Adama Aliyu

Seriously, what is it with people, Guilt tripping us mothers about breastfeeding?  Let’s stop with the breast is best talk around people that can’t breastfeed. Breastfeeding is HARD and at times exhausting and again, not for everyone. Some babies are taken away from their mothers pretty quickly and sent to the relevant department for many different reasons ranging from being preterm, low blood sugar, and plenty other things, some complications may also arise with the mother herself, so obviously it is bottles to the rescue. It’s a very personal thing and a lot of mothers struggle with breastfeeding difficulties for a really long time. Even healthy moms and babies sometimes deal with low or lack of breast milk flow and will have to go through series of activities and drugs and consultations with lactation consultants to get the milk flowing.


Some doctors, friends and family and even Facebook pages basically tell you that you’re a failure if you don’t breastfeed, a girl can lose her mind. Our hormones are out of whack enough without the guilt tripping so please back off.  Not all nursing situation are straight forward, some moms have to deal with nursing babies with special needs or preemies, nursing while working full time or breast feeding with an illness like diabetes or cancer.


Personally, I haven’t had any flow or emergency problem that affects my breastfeeding routine, in fact, I breastfeed for a very long time, almost 2 years, not because I like it, but because my kids don’t really like food unless its their absolute last choice, so I try to prolong the transition for as long as possible.


The beginning, that’s getting the baby to suckle and the weaning part is actually the hardest. Having to go through chapped nipples is not something anyone looks up to. Then there’s the engorgement and possibly mastitis from weaning, its not pretty at all.


While breastfeeding, there are things you absolutely need to have in place, for beginners, you may need a nipple salve or cream if you are having chapped nipples.  Some people use nipple shields, but I think its just uncomfortable. Then you’ll need a good breast pump, for mothers that are going to be away from their babies for work or any other thing. They come in different types, manual and electric. My personal lifesaver is the disposable breast pads! I cannot do without them while breastfeeding, because its annoying when you are giving your baby one and the other one just starts sprouting………eww! So stock up on those things as you are shopping for baby things oh. Breastfeeding nursing cover is great for all the times you might need to breastfeed in public.


Overall breastfeeding is great for you baby as we all know that breast milk contains the perfect blend of nutrient and vitamins, strengthens babies immunity, not to talk of the fact that its loaded with DHA. It is also a good way to get back in shape for the mother after the baby, a great way for a mother to bond with her baby.

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