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Survivor Series Episode 2:Susans Story

“To my mom, I was a second choice and to my dad, I was a piece of rag”

My parents were separated and so I lived with my dad, he was nice, at least, that was what he showed back then. I was thirteen when my father first asked me the most confusing question.

“Do you love me?” He asked.

“Yes daddy, I love you”. I replied confused. He asked me to show him how I love him, I was still confused so I reiterated that I loved him. He then asked me to lay down on the bed, I did. He told me he was going to lie on top of me but I refused that it was wrong for him to do, he replied saying that that was how to prove my love to him, that I was conceived that way as a sign of love so he wants to do it with me. I accepted to prove my love to him thinking it would happen just once but he never stopped.

He molested me every day and every other time, I looked forward to my mother coming as I was sincerely tired of everything, I was tired of being a sex slave to my father, to the man who ought to protect me and not let anyone violate me. My mother came eventually and I told her what was going on, she did not believe me and accused me of making up stories because I did not want to stay with my father anymore. I insisted so she took me to the hospital to get me tested.

At the hospital, it was confirmed that truly, I had been raped and I told my mother that I was never going back to my father’s house that I could not bear it anymore.

“Mercy, you will be fine. You were a product of rape, you should be used to it too” My mother told me much to my disbelief. I could not believe it, she is my mother, and she was supposed to have my back. She told me she only came to let me know she was getting married to someone else and her husband did not like the idea of me living with them so there is nothing she could do. I had become a child that could not live with her mom just because she wanted to get married. To my mom, I was a second choice and to my dad, I was a piece of rag that he could use and discard as he pleased.

I became tired and could not concentrate in class, my friend noticed this and asked me what the matter was and I confided in her. She told me that there were NGOs for this cause so I reached out to Stand To End Rape (STER) but they were not in Abuja at the time, but helped me get across to another NGO that handled the issue. They took me away from the environment and I reported my father. I reported him not because I wanted to but because I needed to save other girls in similar situations. Today, I am happy but I am also sad, I feel pain but I am certain I will bear it for the rest of my life.

I am Mercy and this is my story.

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