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  By Balkisu Muhammad. Growing up as a girl in Northern Nigerian society is very different from any other society. The Northern Nigerian society as we all know is very conservative in nature. As a girl you are also expected to be conservative and reserved in everything you do. In your dressing, your interactions with others, you are not allowed ...

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14 Harsh Realities Of Life No One Wants To Admit That We All Need To Accept

Life is tough, unfair, and can be downright depressing. You already know that, probably, because most people can’t stop complaining about how hard life is, especially as you get older. While it’s a completely justified statement, it’s also true that life could be easier for some people if they just accepted the harsh realities that no one wants to admit ...

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Why I Stayed After My Husband’s Affair

My husband gave up on our marriage. Well, he didn’t exactly give up… He found someone else. So, why would I stay and fight for someone who stabbed me in the back and left me to bleed? Why would I fight to save my marriage, when the one I loved and trusted betrayed my love? I’m sure part of the ...

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10 Life Lessons Only Strong Women Understand

As we enter 2016, it’s only natural to reflect back on the previous years of our lives. For some, the past is filled with memories of marriage, children, career growth and building a stable, comfortable lifestyle. For others, however, the past is filled with failed relationships, broken friendships, various places you’ve called home and a slew of new beginnings. As ...

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Voicing Out Perceptions And Realities Of Men In Nigeria

By Alkasim Abdulkadir Perhaps few places in the world glorify the male gender or male privilege like Nigeria. Here a traffic accident can lead to the bragging statement of -I have someone like you at home. The deep and ingrained state of patriarchy is such that some men still find it hard to work under female bosses. In Nigeria male ...

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How To Be A Woman In Nigeria

I wanted to write an article on “How to be a Man”, seeing as we are told in scripture that man was made before woman. But since that manual was going to be too short for its own column, I decided to include it here. How To Be a Man in Nigeria: Do what you want, when you want, how ...

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Journey Of A Golden Hearted Soldier

By Maryam Ado Fathoming what suffering really is can be very relative; depending on the type and degree of suffering one has experienced and had to deal with firsthand. For some it is waking up with a pounding headache, the prick of a thorn in their flesh, or the feel of something very hot upon their skins or tongues, while ...

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Dear Nigerian Men:Not Everything Is Fight

Dear Nigerian Men, How are you? I hope everything is alright. Are you in a bad mood because I don’t want to make it worse by saying something you may not like? Seeing that I have to tread softly and walk on egg shells around a lot of you because sometimes all you want to do is be part of ...

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