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The Beginning:A Mother’s Tale

By Adama Aliyu

Do you remember that first time your bundle of joy was handed over to you? After the gruesome Labour and delivery, the cursing and the swearing that you may or may not have screamed at anyone that was within your space. I remember everything like it was yesterday, I held that baby, my First, and I knew then that I would do anything to protect her.

She was perfect in every sense of the word. Hours passed with me just staring at her, I was in Awe, I couldn’t believe that this perfect human being actually came out from that part of my anatomy, it’s still a mystery I swear, Lol!.

So anyway, then came the latching, everyone trying to show you how it’s really done, but in the end, you really just figure out the best way to do it yourself. The diaper changing was endless, especially those first few weeks when they are still getting that greenish shit out of their systems.

Getting back home and settling in was another experience you can only experience for yourself, I still feel like there’s no perfect handbook to learning motherhood, you just go with the flow and get used to it.

After the forty days when I was finally left alone to do everything by myself, that was when I knew the true meaning of motherhood. Even with my husband being there to constantly help with the feeding, changing and holding, I still felt exhausted most of the time. And for someone who used to enjoy sleeping in late before and during the pregnancy, those sleep disruptions made me seriously cranky during the day, but it was all worth it as long as she was in my arms and not on her screaming match.

Now, after going to the labour room two more times the experience is always totally different, the pain is indescribable, the emotion you feel afterwards when you finally have your baby in your arms is always, always worth it. Mothers are truly something special. We only pray to God every day to bless them abundantly and Give them Everlasting Happiness and Success.

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