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The Un-heard Voices Of The Nigerian Women

By Najiba Mohammed Muazu
Western civilization, which has crept into the Nigerian culture has given womanhood a new shade. Women are mentally being forced to be objects rather than subjects and are being oppressed by being subjected to conform with the modern standards of beauty and sexuality. Unless a woman defines her body and presents it to the world, she will be accorded little or no recognition at all. People often times regard modest women as being out of fashion or religious extremist.
Modesty has become very expensive. Clothing the body is supposed to be a growth in civilisation as the early humans did not cover their body. Decency was born out of the evolution of the human race. Women are being described by the figure of their body rather than being awarded recognition for their personality, dignity and for their capabilities for making an impact for the Betterment of the society.
Today a woman that is shown on music videos posing half naked or one who models for nude magazines is known more than one who is making a change in the society. Our sisters at tender age are having their minds polluted by undear advertisement of nudity. Hardly do you turn on the T.V or tune in the radio and listen to a female intellectual giant speak. Men have been accorded the juicy spotlight while women are left to be puppets or sex machines for men that lack chivalry or, are used for soap operas.
The voice of the African lady is muted especially the Nigerian girl-child. Our girls have myriad potentials that are not being tapped. They need to be put into the system or at least, shown the path to decency. ‘Girl-child education’ has become a cliché since after acquiring the knowledge she’s not given the chance to showcase her talents.
Women should open their eyes and discover their worth. They should not let people delude them and force them to shirk their obligations.
We need girl-child empowerment. T.V shows, radio talks and also school-to-school talks should be organised and put in place to draw the minds of the females in this country that they have a place to surface their talents.
We also make part of one Nigeria and we deserve to be heard and appreciated. It’s about time the Nigerian woman is responded to by the nation.
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