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Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

Understanding skin care can be complicated. Just because many of your favorite products contain words like “Vanilla” or “Citrus” on the label, doesn’t mean that either of those ingredients should go directly on your skin. There have also been instances where one person used one bizarre DIY at-home method, got positive results, and preached it as a fix-all for everybody. But, the reality is that that person may have just been having a good skin day, or something else could have helped their skin, and not their strange concoction. Skincare can also be quite expensive, which of course drives some people to look for more DIY methods. But you might be better off leaving your skin alone that turning to these items. Here are 20 things you should never put on your skin.

Baking Soda

There are countless at-home face mask recipes online that contain baking soda. But this pantry staple actually messes with your skin’s pH levels, which can open you up to more troubles like skin cancer risks.

Hot Water

This is a very common one! But most people don’t know it. Water that is too hot can dry out your skin, causing an overproduction of oil, and an acne breakout. Always use lukewarm water on your skin.

Foot Creme

Foot cream is an extremely concentrated product because it’s designed to remove the incredibly thick, tough and stubborn skin on your foot. Applying it to your sensitive face can cause a lot of damage.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be effective in treating cuts and wounds, but its antibacterial properties should not be applied to your skin. Hydrogen peroxide is very strong and can burn and irritate your face.


If you’re ever caught in a situation where you want a little rouge on your face but don’t have blush on hand, you might rub some lipstick into your cheeks. But lipstick is made from very thick ingredients that will cause a breakout.

Hair Serum

Hair serum feels almost identical in texture to face serum, but it is not. Face serum is designed not to clog your pores, but hair serum is made extra thick to work on the follicles on your head.


When you’re traveling, you can’t always bring all of your products with you. You might be tempted to use the hotel shampoo on your face—it has a similar consistency to face wash. But shampoo is meant to penetrate deep into your hair; when it does that to your pores, it could cause acne.

Body Lotion

Just use body lotion on your body. The skin on your body is much tougher and thicker than that on your face; putting body lotion on your face can leave a layer of grease on your skin.

Nail Polish

Unfortunately, some women put nail polish on their lips because it stays on better than lipstick. But don’t do it! Acrylic is very bad for skin your skin.

Petroleum Jelly

Some women put petroleum jelly on their cheeks to better hold onto their blush and powder, but petroleum jelly will seriously clog your pores, and is very hard to wash out.


While peppermint and other mints are common ingredients in skin products, toothpaste is not something you should put on your skin


Some beauty blogs might suggest applying hairspray to your skin to treat acne, but in fact, it can seriously dry your skin out. Plus the repellents in hairspray can make your skin red and bumpy.


While certain types of vinegar are found in skin products, you shouldn’t put it directly on your face. Vinegar acts as a toner inside of some products, but the raw form can burn your skin because it’s so acidic.


Sugar is a common ingredient in body scrubs because it has great exfoliating properties. Unfortunately, it is too rough for the skin on your face, and can easily tear your skin.


Never put lemon directly on your skin. It will destroy your skin’s natural pH levels, and can put you at a higher risk of sun damage.


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